Innovation in IT Strategy and Implementation

Discover Transformative Technology Solutions with Our Expertise.

Catalysing Excellence in Consultancy

Welcome to the Catalyst Partnership!

We are an Independent IT Consultancy, specialising in Strategy, Architecture and Implementation to drive your business forward.

Igniting Innovation in IT Strategy

We provide comprehensive consultancy services tailored to your needs, working in partnership to architect the transformation of your vision into reality.

Business focused Strategic Roadmaps

Partnering with executives to navigate complex IT landscapes and deliver roadmaps towards aligned and measurable business outcomes.

M&A Value realisation

Crafting a robust approach for the Identification of value opportunities and the subsequent sustainable realisation of those synergies.

Operational Excellence

Enhance your operational efficiency, resilience and regulatory compliance with our expert guidance,

Innovative Technical Solutions

Transform your business with the adoption of cutting-edge emerging technology, carefully balancing associated risks.

Ian Goddard


We work in partnership with our clients, focused on long term relationships and delivering business value.